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Dr. Jeyakumar Ramanujam PhD

Director, GVN SolarPower Inc.

(Jey) Jeyakumar Ramanujam is Director at GVN SolarPower Incorporated. Prior to become Director, Dr. Jeyakumar worked as scientist for more than a decade on solar cells at National Physical Laboratory (CSIR), New Delhi and McMaster University, Hamilton. He also worked at University of Waterloo, Waterloo on solar cells and device integration. His PhD topic also related to solar cells. Dr. Jey is an expert in solar cell technology and having more than 50 research publications. He published several review articles on solar cells and supervised graduate students.

Dr. Jeyakumar is having expertise in solar cells fabrication, materials characterization and solar cell device modeling. His research focuses on perovskite solar cells, c-Si based solar cells (front junction, back junction, front heterojunction and back heterojunction), copper indium gallium selenide solar cells, metal chalcogenides, dielectric materials, transparent conducting oxides, electronic materials, and tuning material properties for various device applications.

He is an expert in electrical, optical, structural, mechanical, and analytical characterizations related to solar cells and solar materials. He carried out materials characterization extensively and developed 4 mask process technology for back junction cells and back heterojunction cells.

Dr. Jeyakumar first designed and reported interdigitated point contact back heterojunction cells where there are no grids on the light entering side. Both p-type and n-type grids lie at the rear side.

He is having collaborations from various universities and institutions from Canada, US, UK, Germany, Italy, South Korea, India and Denmark.
Dr. Jeyakumar is having track record of advancing R&D in solar cells as evidenced from publications. He is having interest in highly-efficient and low-cost solar cells.

Dr. Jeyakumar is serving as Associate Editor for Solar Energy journal. He is a Guest Editor for the special issue – Photovoltaic Recycling and Carbon-Neutral Manufacturing, and it will be published soon by Elsevier. He is editing a book entitled Thin Film Photovoltaics: Single-Junction and Tandem, scheduled to be published in 2024 by Elsevier.