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GVN SolarPower Inc., is an independent research company dedicated to solar cells and solar materials. Our aim is to commercialize highly efficient and low-cost solar cells. Before going to actual device fabrication, we require solar cell device simulation experts who will do perovskite solar cell simulation using wxAMPS-1D or SCAPS-1D software, produce consistent results, and disseminate results in standard journals.

Applicants must have MS degree in physics or electrical engineering (EE) or materials science & engineering (MSE) or equivalent with simulation and manuscript writing experience or PhD degree in physics or EE or MSE or equivalent. This is not an experimental work, theorist only please. Send your CV and provide two references’ names and contact information at the bottom of your CV. Reference letters are not required at the initial stage.

Device simulations can be done remotely, however occasional in-person meeting is required if you are in the Vancouver region. If you are away from Vancouver region, on-line meetings are required. Should you have interest in publications, this is the right place for you.

We encourage qualified applicants, please e-mail